My Story

 Why I joined Scentsy?  Well there are several reasons..... 1.  I went to a party and I was incredibly impressed with the product.  Everyone had told me it was great, but I'm one of those "have to see if for myself" kind of people.  The kit was only $99 to start.  I figured after a year of just my mom and my own purchases, I'd save more than the $99 investment by having the Scentsy Consultant Discount. 2.  It's safe.  When you turn on a Scentsy warmer, all you're really doing is turning on a light bulb.  There's no flame at all and no oil burning off and the scented wax that is used gets warm, not hot, so even if a pet or child is playing with it, they won't hurt themself. 3.  It's incredibly affordable.  Once you own a warmer, all you have to do is buy a bar of scent for $5.  Each bar has 8 little squares in it that release scent for hours.  Yankee Candle cannot compare with that.  Heck, the candles at Walmart can't even compete with that price. 4.  The product sells itself.  It's so pretty and smells so good, the only thing I have to do at a party is set the samples on a table and start taking orders. 5.  Plus, there's this thing called a basket party that takes no time at all.  And the majority of Scentsy Parties are Basket Parties, which is basically an online party.  All I have to do is drop off the samples to my hostess.  She shows them off at work or a family event and all the orders are placed online and I don't have to do anything.  So it doesn't interfer with my family/personal/work schedule at all. 6.  It's extra income.  And who doesn't want extra money, right? So there you have it.  My top 6 reasons for becoming a Scentsy Consultant.  For me, Scentsy has given me the opportunity to work from home and make a great income.  It's brought me and my husband closer together, because he works with me as my business partner.  And the kids can even get involved.  The business is completely family friendly and perfect for stay at home moms and dads.  If you'd like to join my Scentsy Facebook Fan Page (and feel free to share it with your friends), it's WicklessRedhead.  And if you'd like to join my team, host a party, set up a fundraiser, or ask a question about a product, you can reach me at 785-969-9869 or askshelly@gmail.com. <!--endbody-->